New Years Eve. Back in the day, a day we all used to get uber-excited about. These days…ehh…not so much. While we’re certainly happy and thankful to see another year, we just don’t celebrate it the way we used to-the partying, drinking, staying out all night-you remember those days, right? Well, if you are one of those folks who will indeed be partying it up this New Year, here are 3 looks for spicing up the night with your wardrobe:

1. The Sequined Dress. Nothing says Happy New Year like something shiny! Pair your sparkling frock with strappy sandals or strappy pumps (or even a classic pump). Just keep the shoe simple-the glitz of the dress will be more than enough. Since you’ll probably be doing a lot of walking around-mixing, mingling, movin and shakin-opt for a knuckle clutch to keep your belongings close. Just be sure not to knock anyone out as you fling your arms in the air screaming Happy New Year!!!

Song equivalent: “Firework” Katy Perry


2. Tee & Jeans. Yes, please! If you’ll be in a casual environment, hanging with family, having a few friends over or just staying in, go for a comfortable yet stylish look. Whip out a graphic tee and some ripped jeans along with some comfortable flats. You’ll feel good, your feet will thank you and you’ll still be fashionable enough to post #nye pics on social media.

Song Equivalent: “Cheers” Rihanna


3. The Leather Skirt. Don’t wanna feel too dressed up or too dressed down? Find a happy medium. Go funky and chic with a fitted leather skirt (or leather pants). Add a printed top or plain one. Either way, you can still have fun with silver and/or black shoes and accessories.

Song Equivalent: “Get On Your Knees” Nicki Minaj ft. Arianna Grande


There are many options for expressing yourself through your personal style for New Years Eve. Just think about what you want your look to say. How do you want to feel? Whatever you do, do you and do you well. Take risks. Have fun. Stay cute. And be comfortable. May the New Year bring you everything you want and more. Love, Q

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