I love polka dots. They’re almost a blank slate to be paired with anything (well not ANYthing). Have you been thinking about wearing something with polka dots but just don’t quite know how to style it? Here are a few ideas.


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On Saturday, March 28, 2015, I attended The Surround Sound of Fashion show at The Zhou B Art Center in Chicago. SSOF brings together aspiring models, fashion designers and musicians to present an infusion of entertainment and creativity. If you know me, you know that music and fashion are two of my true loves (food is next) so this is my type of event.

The fashion show included an array of apparel including casual wear from PRSVR (I love their pieces), CLEONS and Larkin, vintage numbers from TresBelle Vintage, and unique designer pieces from doublestitch twins, eighttwentyeight and aakofii. The musical talents were all wonderful. There was a magnificent Beatboxer from the Bronx by the name of Anointed S, Leon Q was the talented trumpeter from Chitown and the beautiful Ms. Giselle Flute Trance was on the…yep you guessed it- flute. They graced us with their talent on the runway alongside the models as they strutted back and forth! It was great! The show was hosted by Power 92.3’s Hotboyz Tone & Shagg. It was an all around (and long) night!

The Hotboyz reminded the audience several times that this was a competition so we should be rooting for our favorite model(s) as he or she graced the stage. I was surprised (or not) by how quiet, disconnected and inactive the crowd seemed to be. I didn’t hear as much cheering, whooping or hollering as I would expect at such a lovely event. The models were nice and certainly deserved some applause. Made me give Chicago the side eye, for real. I know we always get a bad rap for not supporting one another but dang. I’ll leave the whole topic of “shade” for another post.

The show ended with a performance from Maybach Music’s own “Omarion.” Personally, I wasn’t moved or touched-Chicago didn’t seem to go crazy for the old B2K member either. Dang Chitown..where the love at???

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What more can I say about this tee? In a world of so many followers and clones, I rejoice when I encounter and experience originality. Why is it so hard for people to be themselves? I don’t have the answer for that but all I can do is continue to encourage. Take this white get-up as a friendly reminder. It’s OK to be original. The tee is from F21, the jeans from Carsons (they fit great) and the spiked sneakers are from Karma Couture Boutique. I have em in black too! #score


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When Spring made a quick appearance, I showed my appreciation by throwing on my navy blue tutu and twirling around like there was no tomorrow. So many to love reasons to love tutus (or tulle skirts for you grownups), but here are my top 3;

1. They can be dressed up or dressed down. Add a cute sweater and some heels and you’ve spiced it up. You can also do sneakers if you’re risky like that!

2. They are super feminine.

3. My daughter loves it!

Here, I wore mine with a polka dot tee and red heels. Here are some other fabulous ideas. How do you like to wear your tutu skirt?


IMG_0097 IMG_0101 IMG_0115 IMG_0107 IMG_0094 IMG_0106 IMG_0126

Skirt: Windsor     Tee: Forever21      Shoes: Forever21, similar here



Midi dresses are perfect if you’re looking for a sexy and sophisticated look. They can be figure flattering and hit you at or a bit below the knee. They come in different textures, colors and lengths but the one thing they all have in common….they are HOT!!! Here’s one of my favorite midi dress looks. You can also find more cute midi dresses at MissGuided or Lulus.

IMG_0056 IMG_0057 IMG_0043 IMG_0038



When I saw the Q, I was immediately obsessed. Let me introduce you to

“Fab is a design-focused company, dedicated to helping our customers discover fun and unique products. Our buyers are constantly seeking out the most exciting new artists and designers of accessories, accent pieces, and eye-catching tech products. At Fab, it’s our mission to bring personality to every corner of your life.” taken from website,

I am a sucker for all things unique, eye-catching, artistic and entertaining. I’m drawn to items that are conversation starters. These things typically align with me and my personality, so it’s only right. Whether you’re looking for that one of a kind gift for someone or you just want something for yourself (it’s totally OK to shop for yourself), visit See my top 10 items below. Click the photo for more info or to purchase. And if you sign up for their newsletter, you’ll receive 20% off your first purchase! Love, Q

you are here-heart
The You Are Here Print explores the relationship between the physical heart and where love lies via an old anatomy illustration that has been updated. The only color comes from a single red organ, the hand-painted heart in the center. Each print is hand-pulled using archival inks.
Bring old records into the digital age with Crosley’s Spinnerette turntable. This easy system allows you to spin vinyl albums and convert them to digital files via an included USB connection compatible with Mac or PC. Rip and edit each track with the Crosley software suite, and enjoy the music on your computer or mobile device. With its handsome features and retro look, this three-speed portable turntable harkens back to the golden days of vinyl while showcasing the best in 21st-century technology.
steel cans
At first glance, this sink set includes three sleek stainless steel bathroom essentials. Wipe those bleary eyes and look again. Each one looks exactly like a food can that you’d find in the kitchen cabinet. Consider it a little style sustenance for the unkempt restroom.
From the meticulously selected paint color to the strategically placed throw pillows, your space is distinctly yours. Monogram your walls for good measure with a fantastically fun fabric letter— upholstered in bright 100% cotton to ensure that it pops wherever you place it. Not into initials? Grab a few and spell out a statement all your own.
laptop case
This Bombata Medio fits laptops up to 13 inches. Designed in Italy from super-durable vinyl that’s made to look like leather, this affordable bag will protect your laptop from the hurly-burly of your active life, and keep it safe from scratches and other damage. Meanwhile, its sleek European design will give you a well-traveled air.
Even the flakiest of people can have a wonderful attendance record — for brunch. Work isn’t a good enough reason to be conscious in the morning — Mimosas are! Whether it’s boozy brunch or just breakfast with a bestie, this cozy Women’s Tee cements the longest relationship you’ve had: with food.
This jet-setting Jellybean Carry-On is made in the image of, well, jellybeans. Its surface is covered with textural round dimples—a design that’s sweet enough to satisfy any candy craving. This suitcase provides ultra-modern style that defies definition, the protection of a hardside case, and a surprisingly lightweight, easy-to-maneuver construction.
This Mini Zipper Clutch is ideal for an evening out, packing plenty of room for your phone, a small wallet, and a killer lipstick. But, for once, it’s what’s on the outside that counts: An original work of art by painter and textile designer Kindah Khalidy.
Paper cuts are serious business. Cookbooks, magazines—dangerous weapons invented by lemon juice in its effort to destroy humanity. Avoid paper altogether by approaching the question “What should I make for dinner?” with a roll of the dice. Foodie Dice comes with five primary dice (protein, cooking method, grain/carb, herb, bonus ingredient) and four seasonal veggie sides, for 186,000 possible meals. Challenge your friends, inspire your own creativity, and bring fun and unbroken skin back to cooking.
Awaken your sleep space with this beautiful wall decal from ADzif. Printed and cut from durable vinyl, it’s easy to install and can be removed with ease; no sticky residue left behind. Created by Scandinavian designers Mpgmb (Maud Beauchamp and Marie-Pierre Guilmain), it will embolden your headboard—or lack thereof—with striking geometry. Good morning, inspiration.

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I immediately had to grab this tee when I saw it at Forever 21. I’m so into graphic tees, especially when I find one with words and phrases that fit me to the tee (pun intended)! There’s so much stuff I see and hear that I wish I could respond to with “I literally do not care.” Now I have a shirt to say it for me! So before you speak, think…does she really care about what I’m going to say??? Things that make you go hmmm..

Here, I paired the tee with a sequin skirt. Because the skirt is so extravagant, I decided to calm it down with the black. The metallic blue shoe looked sweet with the shirt and the pink metallic heel gave the outfit a subtle pop of va va voom! I kept the accessories to a minimum. The skirt is doing enough. I felt so girly in this! Such a good feeling. Catch ya later. Love, Q


IMG_0215 IMG_0200 IMG_0220 IMG_0207 IMG_0210 IMG_0218 IMG_0205 IMG_0206 IMG_0216IMAGES BY OLLIE PHOTOGRAPHY

Tee-Forever 21. Sweater version here. Skirt, vintage. Similar here. Wanna splurge? Here. 

Heels-Shoedazzle (Sign up here. If you love shoes as much as I do, trust me, its worth it!)


Spring is poking its head in and out and I couldn’t be more excited! I’m ready to pull out my skirts, dresses, sleeveless numbers and sandals. I’m ready to ditch the cable knit tights, tall boots (well, I’ll still be wearing these from time to time), and long coats. I’m so happy I have this new found love for black and white. It can be worn year round, and can be worn so many ways. In the words of my cousin Nikki, “its so easy to style!” She also notes that “Simple is always better.” For someone like me that has a plethora of styles, I can totally dig it, but I’m not quite ready to depart from my vibrant and flashy looks…yet! Here, I’m in a white peplum top and black pencil skirt from Express. I topped it off with a black and white blazer from JC Penney. I added some vintage gold and Lucite jewelry to pull the look together. Love, Q


IMG_9951 IMG_9948 IMG_9944 IMG_9943 IMG_9942 IMG_9940 IMG_9966 IMG_9965

Jacket-Similar here. Peplum Top-Similar here. Pencil Skirt-Similar here. Pump, here.

Check out ebay or etsy for vintage jewelry!