If you don’t have one already, go out and get yourself a nice tailored blazer-preferably black or white. A well-made blazer can transform your look instantly. It will dress up your jeans, pull together your professional look and can hide or accent your figure. Take the time and the money and go find a nice blazer. If you can’t find the perfect fit but love the style, grab it and head over to your favorite tailor and get it cut, tucked and trimmed to fit your body. Trust me, you need a blazer or 3 in your life! You can thank me now! Here’s my slim jacket that doubles as a boyfriend blazer. Love, Q

IMG_7701 IMG_7696 IMG_7633 IMG_7636 IMG_7683 IMG_7698 IMG_7712 IMG_7627




I’ve been asked several times how to style African  or Ankara print clothing. Such a beautiful, detailed print, I’d advise to keep everything else simple. Printed bottom, plain top and vice versa. Here are a few ideas to get you started and a compilation of some websites to get these beautiful printed pieces. And if you’re on Pinterest, you have to check out this African Print Dresses Board. Enjoy! Love, Q

african collage african looks

Ohema Ohene





Demestiks New York

DemestiksNewYork on Etsy_001

DPiper Twins



Is there something that you need to do and you keep procrastinating? What are you waiting for? What’s holding you back? There’s no better time than the present? We think we’ll do it tomorrow, tomorrow comes and we still don’t get it done. We might start, but then don’t finish. Don’t worry, I do it often too. What’s worse is the things I keep putting off are important: Eating healthy, exercising, finding my daughter a new school, writing for my blog, cleaning…the list goes on. My hope is that by encouraging you I will encourage myself.  It’s time to get stuff done. Start to finish.

Here, I’m in a red twirly dress that gave me life (this is my first time using that phrase…felt weird). I usually don’t go all matchy matchy with shoes and accessories but red and leopard are the exception and I loved the result. Do what makes you comfortable. I do and its a wonderful feeling. Here’s to today…the day that we’ll never get back, and to tomorrow, the day we hope to see. Make it count. Love, Q

IMG_7995 IMG_7987 IMG_7977 IMG_7973 IMG_7964 IMG_8023




I’m digging 3 new colors for the summer. I have a new found love for Black & White, which will always be a staple in my closet no matter the season, but now I’m crushing on Orange (pun intended), Aqua, and Yellow. Take a look here and see why. If you come across anything in these colors that you think I might like, let me know! Here are some recommendations for you. Love, Q


Click links to purchase: Rotita Dress, Karen Millen Dress, Msgm Heels, Stella McCartney bag (rented) , Romwe blouse, Piccione blouse, YesStyle clutch, Cici Hot heels.

Click links to purchase: Miilla Dress, Wallis Sandals, Maurices Shorts, Jessica Simpson Glasses, San Diego Hat Company HatMacy’s Skirt, MissGuided Necklace, Marc Jacobs Phone Case

Click links to purchase: Louis Vuitton Tote, Akira Dress, Asos Sandals, MayKool Dress, DVF Clutch, Romwe Dress, Adidas Watch, Oui Odile Handbag


In the past, I’ve hardly been the type of person that’s been into “causes”. As I got older (wiser and more concerned), I’ve become more and more intrigued with people, products and services that do or make things for a reason other than making money. One particular brand that I learned about recently is called Amour Vert.  They have a collection of amazing casual wear. But not only do they look good, they’re made, well..good.

“Amour Vert means ‘Green Love’ in French, but it also means American manufacturing, non-toxic dyes, sustainable fibers, innovative fabrics, a zero waste design philosophy, and above all enduring style.”

In addition to their clothes being made from non-toxic dyes and sustainable fibers, for every tee shirt sold, they plant a tree in the United States!!! Awesome sauce!

“Amour Vert is deeply committed to making sustainable
practices, ethical products and positive environmental
impact the gold standard for the fashion industry.”

Read more about Amour Vert and check out their 2015 Spring, Summer and Fall Collections at www.amourvert.com. I’m sold. Spread the word.

spring-06 spring-05 spring-04 spring-02 spring-01 spring-07 LEFT-TREE s11_7329ALL IMAGES FROM AMOUR VERT WEBSITE-WWW.AMOURVERT.COM


I recently read about creating a blog manifesto on the wonderful blog , Kelley With Love. So fresh into a new year of life, I thought this would be the perfect time to create my own manifesto. What is a manifesto you ask:

noun man·i·fes·to \ˌma-nə-ˈfes-(ˌ)tō\

: a written statement that describes the policies, goals, and opinions of a person or group

taken from Merriam-Webster (online)

I have so many random thoughts and beliefs. I was happy to know I can put them in one place and call them something…hmmm a manifesto. Sounds fancy too! It didn’t take long either. I just started typing what I think about often as my simple “rules and instructions to enjoy life.” If you do these things and adapt these thoughts, you will live a long and prosperous life (kidding). So without further ado, I present to you the Always on Q manifesto:


And here’s Kelley’s, where I got my inspiration from:

KelleyWithLoveManifestoDo you have a manifesto? If you created one, what would it include? If you need help getting started, check out Kelley’s post about manifestos. Thanks Kelley for the inspiration. Be sure to check out her blog for plenty of blogging tips, inspiration and advice!

Love, Q


I’ve heard/seen a time or 3 that folks these days (mainly youngins) are referring to their birthday as their “Glo Day.” Not one to keep up with all of today’s lingo (I will say fleek, winning and turn up in the privacy of my own home), I will just refer to today as my birthday. Unfortunately, I can’t say that today was as amazing and wonderful as I would have hoped. Why, you ask? Well, these things happened:

  1. I went back to work on my birthday after being out of the office for 5 days. I know, silly me.
  2. My daughter almost got hit by a car.
  3. I had a headache for about 8 hours.
  4. There was a 30 minute wait at the restaurant for dinner.
  5. I had to go to work again the next day.

I know. Poor me. Well, enough complaining. I realize that we all have bad days…I just happened to have one that fell on my birthday. Despite all those things, which I made it through just fine, I am and will forever be eternally grateful to see another day of life. I’ve accomplished so much and I am surrounded by love daily. I have a beautiful daughter and partner, loving family and the best friends! On this day, I was particularly appreciative of social media. Friends and Family stopped by to show birthday love and the messages were an instant pick me up. Thanks yall!

In addition to the wonderful messages, I was able to spend time with my loved ones a few days before my birthday. Good times indeed.

My Main Squeeze
Kaydence, My Mini
Rolling with the homies
I carried my Money Green Crown Royal Money Bag as my purse for the night!

wpid-20150405_165924.jpg wpid-20150405_165729.jpg wpid-20150405_165629.jpg wpid-20150405_165620.jpg wpid-screenshot_2015-04-06-12-46-18-1.jpg


My favorite part of this look? The accessories. Accessories can be the key to making plenty of outfits POP! Here, the white shirt dress (H&M) acted as a canvas to colorfully paint and decorate. Here’s how I decorated my canvas:

Specs and Bow Tie, Hot Topic; Earrings, Forever21; Bracelet, a gift 🙂 Shoes, ShoeDazzle.

The BOW TIE was my absolute favorite.

IMG_0167 IMG_0157 IMG_0164 IMG_0171 IMG_0178 IMG_0148 IMG_0161 IMG_0158 IMG_0154 IMG_0151 IMG_0162