If you can’t tell already, I am an 80’s baby. As time flies and I see and hear what the youngsters are up to these days, I just shake my head and reminisce on the good times. The times when we played Nintendo, wore only one backpack strap on our shoulder and watched cartoons in the morning. When our parents were ok sending us away to camp, when kids thought you were smart if you wore glasses and when we actually had no choice but to do our homework.

I dedicate this post (and this outfit) to the greatest decade ever. I managed to find a pair of Tetris print leggings! Yes! I have a Pacman pair too. I was a video game head for a while. Good memories.

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Check out BuzzFeeds 50 Things Only ’80s Kids Can Understand. How many do you identify with? Here are a few I certainly remember. Love, Q

27. Always picking the banker and then having your family die on The Oregon Trail.

oregon trail


32. The feeling that you could totally beat the obstacle course on Double Dare.

double dare


37. The frustration of having to blow into your cartridges in order to get them to work.



44. Using the library catalog to look for a book and the frustration of not finding the index card you were looking for.


48. Getting pumped about the new school year because it meant a new Trapper Keeper.

trapper keeper


When I first start writing this post , my intention was to ask WHY? What is the hype about these red bottomed shoes by Christian Louboutin and why are they such the craze? Why are they thee IT shoe for today’s modern woman?  I planned to go on this rant about women spending all this money on a shoe blah blah blah. As I went to start looking for photos, I changed my mind. I learned more about the shoe. I saw them for what they really are. My focus shifted. Who was I kidding?

I’ll admit, part of the reason I don’t understand why a woman would spend over $1,000 for a shoe is because I can’t afford to do it. Plain and simple. Often, we don’t like things we don’t understand. We can’t relate. As much as I love shoes, if I had the money, I would totally buy these shoes! I had never gotten well acquainted with this shoe brand because I knew I wouldn’t be buying a pair any time soon. All I knew was this:

  • The name is mispronounced and everyone thinks their way is the right way (its loo-boo-tahn)
  • If you say red bottoms, people assume you don’t know how to say the real name
  • The name is used in many popular songs to signify class, wealth and good taste
  • The styles are often imitated
  • They’re expensive (and I’ve heard they’re not comfortable).

As I began to research more, I learned just how lovely these shoes are. I now appreciate them. I’m kinda in love with them. The beautiful silhouettes. the superfine stiletto heel, the immaculate detail, the array of colors and styles-trust me, these shoes would transform any ol regular foot. I now have a new found love and appreciation for these shoes. I will no longer wonder why one would pay over $700 for a pair of shoes. Louboutins have classic, signature styles. Learn more from the man himself in this interview here.

I understand now. I’m just waiting on the moment when I can buy a pair (and still have money left). I need to step my game up…literally. I’m working on it. Anybody got $5 on it? Love, Q

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I bought 2 pair of these lace socks, one black, one white. I’ve worn them with heels and I’ve also worn them with casual boots (check my Instagram). They make me feel so special, like when I dressed up as a little girl on Easter. What’s your one piece that makes you feel special? Love, Q
IMG_7859 IMG_7857


IMG_7870 IMG_7892


Raise your hand if you’ve ever heard someone say, “Uh uh…she’s trying too hard?” Or what about, “Ugh. No…She’s doing too much.” Raise your other hand if you’ve been the one saying it.  Guilty.

In a day where the importance of outer appearance is so emphasized, why do we criticize folks for actually trying to look good? Furthermore, is there anything wrong with this? These days, we focus a lot on “being natural.” Posting selfies with captions that read chillin with no makeup on or making sure that everyone knows this is all me #teamnatural.”


And how about when you’re in sweats and gym shoes and make sure people know I’m still cute.


Don’t get me wrong. I get it. My hair is natural. I’m not always in makeup. I’m not always in heels. We  want folks to know that we’re naturally beautiful, that we don’t need any adjustments. Because ultimately, yes, he loves you just the way you are.

While this is all fine and dandy, don’t knock the women that like to wear makeup from time to time, want to wear eyelashes, want to get dressed up for no reason and actually put effort into their looks. There is nothing wrong with trying to look good. Especially as we get older, things just don’t look (or feel) the same as they did when we were in our roaring 20’s.

Let women celebrate their beauty however they feel- be it a timely beauty routine, beautiful sew-ins or sky high heels. We don’t always have to be going to a wedding or a party to get cute. That’s the great thing about fashion & style. You have so many choices and ways to appreciate your uniqueness. Women, let’s stop badgering one another. It doesn’t do anything to uplift the next woman, and damn sure does nothing for you. Next time you find yourself about to do or say something bad about another person for their taste in beauty, fashion or style, stop, find something positive, say that or just don’t say anything at all.

Here are some of my favorite beauty products. I don’t need them to feel beautiful , but they do enhance my beauty and keep me feeling fine and feminine. Which beauty products keep you feeling flawless? Love, Q

Kiss Individual Eyelashes


MAC Studio Fix Fluid-NC45


                          MAC Lustre Lipstick-Touch                          


MAC Lustreglass-Decorative


MAC Cremesheen Glass-Loud & Lovely

loudlovelyJuicy Couture Gold Couture Rollerball


Jergens Original Scent Hand Lotion



This post is particularly special for me because I actually am not a huge fan of denim-jeans, in particular. I love a chambray blouse or cutoff denim vest but my love for denim stops there. I know some people who are the exact opposite and totally love denim. Kudos to you cuz I just can’t figure it out. Either the jeans are too tight, smash my butt in or have a gap in the back. My preference is a skinny jean with some elastic. I’ll tell you this though, when I do find the perfect fit and wash, I’ll snab a few and tuck em for safekeeping.

I’ve found us some inspiring ways to wear denim this season and I managed to pull off a look of my own that I actually like! Take a look below. What’s your key to finding the right jeans? I’d love to know. Love, Q

walk in wonderland denim

Denim Vest via Walk in Wonderland

Stylish Petite-4

Chambray shirt via Stylish Petite

stylepantry denim

Denim on Denim via Style Pantry

lovely peppa

Denim dress via Lovely Pepa


Denim shorts via Style Me Grasie

Here I go!

IMG_8152 IMG_8139 IMG_8133 IMG_8131 IMG_8164 IMG_8145

and this denim look is for your viewing pleasure…

via GtheGent


If you know me, you know that I love rap music. And if you don’t know,  now you know (baby baby uh). I grew up listening to rap (in my teens) among other genres, but rap was and still is my favorite. My favorite artists then, 2pac, Jay-Z, Nas, Kanye, Biggie , AZ , TI and Fabolous to name a few, are still my favorites today. The newcomers added to the list include K.Pilla, J. Cole, Drake, Wale, ASAP Rocky, Rick Ross, and Big Sean. What do they have in common? They’re great story tellers, they teach and actually have a fusion of beats and lyrics that will make you want to listen. You can catch me on any given day music up to the max, seat reclined just a lil (the music sounds better that way) appreciating the talent and art of which we call Rap.

While much is to be said about the difference between rap and hip hop, artist and emcees, east cost west coast, I rarely chime in on these. Like politics and religion, this topic brings about an eternity of debate and opinion which will never end with one person saying “you’re right.” What I will say is this-listen to the lyrics. If you have an appreciation for words and timeless, artistic storytelling, if you don’t get offended by the vulgarity and can recognize the truth in what’s being said, you may grow to love rap as much as I do. Y’all know the rules gotta do what you gotta do. Stay TrueLove, Q


IMG_7777 IMG_7785 IMG_7807-001 IMG_7801 IMG_7761 IMG_7762Tee, Forever 21; Skirt, Vivienne Tam; Shoes, Guess




This look contains three of my favorite style components. Here’s what I love about each:


  • Will never go out of style
  • Provides a chic, classy and clean look
  • Is easy to find
  • Is often worn by the best dressed
  • Can be worn year round


  • Can be sexy and edgy
  • Everyone can’t get away with it; if you can, do it
  • Is fashionable; imitation or faux leather is ok-just as long as its not cheesy
  • Can change your personality-put on a leather jacket and you instantly feel like a bad ass
  • It feels good

Graphic Tees:

  • Like any other tee, can still be dressed up; so many style possibilities
  • So many with thee perfect sayings-Like, are you in my head or something? Forever 21 is good for this.
  • Speak for you and can tell a person what you’re about without you having to say one word
  • Come in all sizes so can be worn by anyone
  • Can be found at fairly reasonably prices

Here’s just one of many ways these three style elements can be combined. Enjoy! Love, Q
IMG_7939 IMG_7945 IMG_7919 IMG_7927 IMG_7960 IMG_7953 IMG_7956



black leather collageGirls Just Wanna Have Funds, $18;  Quilted Skirt, $45; Vegan Leather Jacket (similar), $80; Brains, Beauty, Booty. $15; Faux Leather Pleated Skirt, $56;  Leather Jacket (similar), $168; Platform sandals, $40; Hopes and Dreams, $34; Lambskin Leather Skirt, $130; Suede/Leather pump, $145


One of the best, most versatile pieces in your wardrobe that you might be overlooking is your plain ol white tee shirt. Something commonly referred to as a basic can make an outfit anything but.  With tons of ways to style it, no longer is the white tee just a thrown on piece to go exercise  or run errands. The right white tee (say that 5 times out loud) can be dressed up with a pretty a-line skirt or pair of slouchy trousers or kept casual with jeans and sneakers. Add a blazer to create a pulled together look, throw on some strappy heels to add sex appeal. My favorite white tee has an almost silk-like feel, pocket or no pocket, long enough to be tucked or tied but short enough to still be worn out, if needed. Here’s one look from me but have fun experimenting and trying more. I’ve also left you with a few places to purchase a good white tee. Need more ideas on how to wear your white tee shirt? Check out this POPSUGAR post, 30 Days of the White Tee. What’s your favorite way to wear your tee? Love, Q

IMG_7740 IMG_7733 IMG_7731-001 IMG_7721IMG_7757



This look was inspired by the ever so popular television cartoon series, “The Flintstones.” You remember right-the cavemen (and women), dinosaurs, stone tablets, and of course, the unforgettable feet powered cars. Oh, those were the days. This wave of nostalgia lead me to pair this animal print frock (which was a gift from my future mom-in-law) with a different, yet coordinating pair of animal print heels by Guess. I added the orange necklace for a pop of color and slid on my rose gold Express watch (a gift from my awesome sister, Adrienne) and topped the look off with simple brown sparkly studs. Not bad for a modern day cave woman, huh? How would you recreate a Stone Age look from The Flintstones era? Love, Q


IMG_7821 IMG_7817 IMG_7812 IMG_7846 IMG_7833