Have you started transitioning your summer wardrobe yet? Fall is here and it’s about that time to slowly start packing away the sandals and shorts and trade em in for boots and pants. Many of us love the fall for fashion. So many options- from color to style to fit. Because the weather is right at that in between stage, it’s the perfect time to start picking which items will stay in rotation and which ones won’t make an appearance til next summer-if ever. Here’s my Top 10 items to either keep in rotation or go out and grab as you start your fall shopping.


  1. maykool.com 2. burkedecor.com 3. chicwish.com 4. chicwish.com 5.overstock.com 6.shoplesnouvelles.com 7. johnlewis.com  8.poshgirl.us  9. newlook.com 10. tedbaker.com
  1. 2-PIECE SEPARATES. This number is holding its own through the times. Just when I think I’m totally over the 2 piece sets, I see one, like ohh…now that’s cute. Take your set from summer to fall. Throw on a waist coat, some tights (maybe) and some booties and voila, you’re ready.

  2. PRINTED SCARF. Add instant style to any outfit with a eye-stopping printed scarf. This season, opt for bright and bold colors. I’m really loving hot pink. I just got a custom-made hot pink cotton scarf from Knits by Nikki and I. AM. IN. LOVE. Look good and keep warm with this must-have accessory.

  3. CHUNKY KNIT SWEATER. Of course, sweaters are necessary for the fall. Chunky knit sweaters give you intricate designs, comfort and warmth. Whether you’re in basic colors like grey, oatmeal, or black or in bold and vibrant colors, this item is definitely a staple this fall.

  4. MIDI-SKIRTS. What’s great about this item is its length and versatility. These skirts are long enough to keep your legs warm while maintaining style. Pair your midi skirt with a sweater or a tee, dress it up or dress it down. Either way, you’ll be winning with this in your closet.

  5. VELVET LOAFERS. If you don’t have a pair of these, I suggest you get some, like , now. These cuties are  the perfect flat for the stylish gal. The velvet gives a look of sophistication and magnificence that any modern day woman would wanna have. They can also be paired with jeans and a plain tee for something a bit more casual.

  6. FEDORA HAT. Spice up your style with this classic shaped hat.  Sure to bring a hint of sass and class to your look, keep this hat on your rack and if you don’t have one, add it to the list!

  7. BLACK TROUSERS. Need I say more? I mean, I should’t have even added these to the list. It’s a given right, like jeans? Keep your black trousers out when packing away your summer items. They’re year round and can be worn professionally with kitten heels and a blouse or playfully with Chucks and a graphic tee. Make sure they’re a good fit and if you need to, find a great tailor.

  8. SNEAKERS. Make sure you keep your good sneakers out this season. A girl can’t be in heels all the time, right? I love wedge sneakers. I can wear them when running errands, on a date with my dude or hanging with my girls.

  9. LONG TEES/TUNICS. I fell in love with these this season and will be sure to add a few more to my collection. I wore some as a dress this summer but  for the fall, I’ll add skinnies and leggings underneath, add a moto jacket and top the look off with my printed scarf.

  10. ANKLE BOOTIES. Ankle booties, because of their low height and variety of styles, are perfect with jeans and dresses. If you appreciate style and comfort, you must keep a pair of these in the line-up.

These are my Top 10 items to keep in the wardrobe game as we change seasons. What pieces are you taking into fall with you?

If you need help finding any of these items, I’d love to help. Email me at qteray@gmail.com and tell me your needs.

Remember the name of the game. Keep them saying, “Who’s that girl?”

Love, Q


This weekend I had the pleasure of attending Say It Witcha Chest, a super dope tee-shirt themed party where guests come with their most informative, entertaining, offensive, graphic shirt. If you know anything about me, you know I love a good graphic tee (see some of my faves here, here, and here) so I was super excited. Not to mention, the festivities were hosted by 2 cool fellas- J. Simmons and my big bro Rendel, among others. This party was the perfect opportunity to express yourself creatively without saying a word, though we talked all night too. There was a great assortment of shirts in the building. Eyes moved all around the room as we attempted to read and understand graphics and sayings, men had an excuse to stare at women’s chests without being labeled a creep, and women could comfortably look at each other and smile (which, in another setting, might not go so well). The booze was overflowing,  the music was dope and the weather was perfect (once the liquor kicked in). This event bought together a cool, attractive, educated, energetic, interesting and amusing crowd. ‘Twas a grand time indeed!

Of course, I waited to the last minute to decide what to wear. Was almost tempted to get a custom tee that read “I Still Don’t Know What I Want My Shirt to Say” but I decided against it. I grabbed a tee that fit me just right-figuratively and literally. Paired it with some comfy joggers and some not so comfy black heels and was on my merry way. Here’s what I wore and take a look at some of the other clever shirts.

My next event will probably be the Coors Light Chicago Soundtrack Event on Thursday October 1st.  If you want to go, click here.

Until next time.

Love, Q

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Pics from Social Media


I took a summer break from my blog (probably the worst time to break because I’ve worn some cute outfits this summer… damn) and I’ve learned a lot over the last few months:

Blogging ain’t easy. I’ve always loved the saying when you’re doing what you love it won’t feel like work. What the saying fails to mention, is that if you’re trying to do something you love (passion) alongside something that you don’t love as much (full-time job), there are a number of struggles you face and must overcome. Between work, and being a mother and partner, it’s been tough to find time to take pics, upload, write, research, publish, and all the other things that come with blogging. I’ve read about taking e-courses, reading books and other helpful tools to new bloggers, but like, really, who has time for that? But at this point, maybe it’s something I should consider. I’m so concerned about getting it “right.” Who even knows what right is in the blogging world? We all like something different so what’s right to me might be wrong to someone else which is precisely the reason why I just have to do me and be happy with that.

Time Management is key. While I think this is an everlasting issue for most folks, I do know that some people actually manage to tackle this monster. Me, I still haven’t figured it out. Once I’m home and daughter is in bed, I’m almost ready to crash myself. Especially if I’ve been running errands or making other stops before landing at mi casa. But I know that I have to do something if I plan to get my blog into the type of shape it needs to be. These are the type of challenges one must face when chasing a dream, huh? OK, I’m up for it! Gotta keep pushing along.

I need a photography strategy. How do my fellow bloggers manage to get all these awesome photos? Another mystery I have yet to figure out. I’ve heard that some have their boyfriends do it while others do it themselves. I haven’t found out what works best for me, but I need to get it together ASAP so I can keep giving yall style goodness from my point of view. Hang in there with me…I got you!

So through all this, I’m back on task. I’ve learned the 3 main issues that are stopping me from doing what I love and I’m tackling them one at a time. I’m committed to posting at least 3 times a week, starting today. If you love me, you’ll hold me to it. Thanks for your support and patience through this journey.

I’ll leave you with these pics from a beautiful summer day in Chicago.

IMG_5895 IMG_5908 IMG_5909 IMG_5922 IMG_5924 IMG_5897