When our schedules allow, we try to devote Sunday to family day. Today, K, K and I spent our time together with a delicious brunch buffet, some bowling and a game of bocce ball. Times with those two are always a blast. Feels amazing having a fun, loving and supportive partner and a sweet, smart and entertaining offspring. The food and family-fantastic. Bowling-not so much. I mean, I haven’t bowled in a while. I’ve never been a great, or even good player and I was reminded of this today! I cannot bowl *insert sad face emoji* I knocked down 4-5 pins on average and bowled too many gutters. But I wasn’t there for the score, I was there for the love and the fun of which there was plenty!!! But trust me, I’ll be back and and I’ll get better! Love, Q

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I spend a lot of time all over the city and everywhere I go I see tons of super fly women and men on the streets of Chicago.  I have no problems giving props where props are due, so when I saw this uber stylish cutie in Chipotle and I had to stop and tell her how much I love her style. From head to toe, she killed the casual, cool and feminine look. She exuded confidence and beauty. Why I really love her look though-she rocked the hell out of those harem pants!!! Paired with the long black top and Retro’s and completed with the structured red tuxedo blazer and gold accessories, she perfected this look. I’ve always loved harem pants, but could never seem to do them any justice. Yup, she did that. Two thumbs up from me!! Love, Q


1. Name, Occupation and Place of work? Ronnie Prince; Stylist at Civello Salon (State and Ontario)
2. How do you decide what to wear each day? I pick one piece of clothing that I am attracted to for that day and coordinate from there.
3. What is your style motivation/inspiration? I really like the Fit Goth look but I switch it up a lot. I can go contemporary and chic one day to a more All Saints/Daniel Patrick another.
4. Whose style do you admire? I observe how Asian kids dress. They always look really cool and put together. Recently, I’ve been creating my own style but I still love their distinct aesthetic.
5. How can we keep in touch? Instagram: @leprinceronnie; Facebook: Prince Ronnie Snapchat: ronnie_mai
Periscope: @princeronnie

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