Countdown to Scoop – Cabi Fall 2017

As a cabi stylist, Scoop is something I look forward to twice a year. It’s the time where all 3000+ stylists gather from all around the world to accomplish several things:

  • We reflect on our past cabi season
  • We hear about what’s going on in cabi land, business wise
  • We connect with one another- those we know, those we interact with on social media, and those we don’t know yet!
  • We get renewed and refreshed for our upcoming season through intense training workshops
  • Best of all-we get an up close and personal look at the upcoming season with a state of the art FASHION SHOW!!!

So there’s 6 days until I hit the road for this season’s Scoop which is in Nashville, Tennessee. So much to do before I go. Here’s my top 3 things to do:

  1. Beauty-Hair & Nails
  2. Pack-This will be my first time traveling pregnant, so I’ll need to make sure I have comfy gear…especially shoes!
  3. Get things set at home- Daddy + Daughter (Big K+ Little K) will be without me; gotta make sure they have food!

I’m getting amped thinking about the new collection (can’t wait to see the new shoes)! It’s great being with a crowd of like-minded fashionable business women that want to see you succeed and I love hearing how cabi is defying the odds in the retail world and changing the way women work and shop!

Here’s a sneak peek video at the Fall collection :

and a few sneak peeks of the new clothes

I. AM. PUMPED!!! I’ll check back in with you on my countdown! 6 days to go!

And here’s a flash back to the last Scoop in San Diego in January as we prepared for the Spring collection…