One of the best, most versatile pieces in your wardrobe that you might be overlooking is your plain ol white tee shirt. Something commonly referred to as a basic can make an outfit anything but.  With tons of ways to style it, no longer is the white tee just a thrown on piece to go exercise  or run errands. The right white tee (say that 5 times out loud) can be dressed up with a pretty a-line skirt or pair of slouchy trousers or kept casual with jeans and sneakers. Add a blazer to create a pulled together look, throw on some strappy heels to add sex appeal. My favorite white tee has an almost silk-like feel, pocket or no pocket, long enough to be tucked or tied but short enough to still be worn out, if needed. Here’s one look from me but have fun experimenting and trying more. I’ve also left you with a few places to purchase a good white tee. Need more ideas on how to wear your white tee shirt? Check out this POPSUGAR post, 30 Days of the White Tee. What’s your favorite way to wear your tee? Love, Q

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