This weekend I had the pleasure of attending Say It Witcha Chest, a super dope tee-shirt themed party where guests come with their most informative, entertaining, offensive, graphic shirt. If you know anything about me, you know I love a good graphic tee (see some of my faves here, here, and here) so I was super excited. Not to mention, the festivities were hosted by 2 cool fellas- J. Simmons and my big bro Rendel, among others. This party was the perfect opportunity to express yourself creatively without saying a word, though we talked all night too. There was a great assortment of shirts in the building. Eyes moved all around the room as we attempted to read and understand graphics and sayings, men had an excuse to stare at women’s chests without being labeled a creep, and women could comfortably look at each other and smile (which, in another setting, might not go so well). The booze was overflowing,  the music was dope and the weather was perfect (once the liquor kicked in). This event bought together a cool, attractive, educated, energetic, interesting and amusing crowd. ‘Twas a grand time indeed!

Of course, I waited to the last minute to decide what to wear. Was almost tempted to get a custom tee that read “I Still Don’t Know What I Want My Shirt to Say” but I decided against it. I grabbed a tee that fit me just right-figuratively and literally. Paired it with some comfy joggers and some not so comfy black heels and was on my merry way. Here’s what I wore and take a look at some of the other clever shirts.

My next event will probably be the Coors Light Chicago Soundtrack Event on Thursday October 1st.  If you want to go, click here.

Until next time.

Love, Q

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