12 Wardrobe Basics

Need to edit your closet? Make sure when you’re done, you have, at the very minimum these 12 basics. If you don’t, add them to your shopping list.

  1. A crisp, white button down shirt
  2. A tailored blazer or jacket
  3. A fitted tee shirt
  4. A leather jacket
  5. A great pair of leggings
  6. A pair of dark denims
  7. A black dress
  8. A great pair of trousers
  9. A cute pair of booties
  10. A statement necklace
  11. A pair of cute comfy flats
  12. A fashionable belt

Start with these basics and get to building a number of outfits right away. Closet tip: If you can wear it with at least 3 other items in your closet, it’s a keeper!

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Hugs, Q

NYE Inspo + Clutches

It’s that time of year to get fancy and dressed up for those New Years Eve parties. Whether it’s with colleagues, friends, family or strangers, here are a few looks for some inspiration.

And consider these things if you’re carrying a clutch:

1. Size-not too big , not too small. Make sure it fits your phone!

2. Color-here’s where you can have fun. Be daring and go for an exciting color or try a fun sparkly one (if you don’t have any shiny pieces on already).

3. Versatility– if you’re buying new, try a clutch with a strap. This way you can get some use out of it. Try thrift stores-it’s a great place to find the perfect clutch at a low price.

And if you’re staying in, just make sure you’re in warm, cozy , cute pajamas or lounge gear! They say how you start the year determines how the rest of it will be!

What are your plans for NYE?

Layer Like a Pro

1. Start with your base outfit. A nice pair of thick leggings, a turtleneck , and a warm pair of socks, for example.

2. Add a sweater and a skirt.

3. For your outerwear-opt for a shorter bomber type coat if you want to stay away from a longer styled one. Don’t forget your warm gloves and a hat (or earmuffs). I love mittens!

4. Go for knee high or thigh high boots! Sexy, comfortable and offers additional leg coverage for warmth.

5. Finish off with a cute pair of sunnies 👓.

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Last Minute Gifts

So many people are done gift shopping but I know there’s many of us that notoriously wait until the last minute (raises hand). Still don’t know what to get? Here’s a quick guide for everyone on your list:

For anyone: Cash and/or Gift Card You can’t go wrong with cash. Or try an Amazon gift card. Everyone shops Amazon.


For her: Accessories/Jewelry Most women are excited about a new piece of jewelry. Like shoes, jeans and underwear, you can never have too many. For unique pieces you won’t find anywhere else, shop here. Or check out these accessories, including the super cute arm warmers pictured above. Your aunt, cousin or even the teen girl in your life will love them.

For him: Watch/Gift Card Men can’t get enough watches. Especially when he can say it’s from you. Bonus: Buy a watch display case. For the gamer in your life: grab a Game Stop gift card.


For the (parents of) baby: Diapers + Wipes Mommy, Daddy and Baby will thank you. It’s the one combo EVERY baby (read parent) needs! You can’t go wrong. Don’t forget the gift receipt in case you get the wrong size.


For the kids: Minecraft /Slime If you have a kid age 7-13, chances are they love Minecraft and/or Slime and will be elated to see anything related to one or both under the tree. Bonus: Let them start a YouTube channel. Extra Extra Bonus: Turn them into public shareholders. Give the gift of Financial Literacy and the basics about investing in the stock market from One Stock One Future.


There you go! Quick and easy gifts to grab for everyone on your list! Let me know if I can help further or if there’s someone on the list I missed.

Love, Q

Animal Instincts

There’s so many reasons to love animal prints, but for me, it’s the perfect way to spice up an otherwise plain outfit. Animal prints are also a fun way to show your wild side, can be interesting to mix and match with other prints and are otherwise just a staple and classic that will never go out of style.

On this day, I wore my cabi Hutton pants with one of my favorite sumptuous cabi tees an added some fun leopard accessories-leopard trimmed glasses, leopard sneakers, a leopard bracelet and my favorite new cabi silk scarf with a leopard-like trim.

I’m excited about this seasons trend at cabi, “Animal Instincts,” where we encourage you to have fun wearing the different types of animals-whether that be in a print, a fabric or an exotic detail. Here are some of my favorites from this season! Shop online anytime quinessasolomon.cabionline.com

cabi Scoop-The Recap








It’s Monday and I’ve back home from Nashville, TN. The cabi Scoop was AH-MA-ZING!!!

Here’s a recap of the festivities:

Rather than flying, a few of my fellow cabi girls and I took a road trip from Chicago to Nashville. Road trips are always a blast, especially with a fun group of women! We only stopped a couple times on the 7 hour trip (I slept half the way).

When we arrived, aside from the sweltering heat smacking me in the face, I was blown away with the warm welcome throughout the gorgeous Gaylord Opry Resort & Covention Center. Not only was it gorgeous on its own, but everywhere I turned, I saw cabi!!! cabi women, cabi clothing, cabi banners, cabi, cabi, cabi! I couldn’t have felt more welcomed!

I got myself situated and rested for the night, preparing for the next two days, which I knew would be full of information, increased fashion knowledge, more strategies for serving my customers and best of all a first look at the Fall collection!

On Friday, I attended those few workshops and training that are critical to being the best wardrobe stylist ever! Women filled the halls as we fashionably made our way to our classes.

The best part of the day came with the revealing of the Fashion Show! We had a chance to see all of the fantastic clothes. The gorgeous bold prints, the stunning colors, the flattering silhouettes. We heard 1st hand from the Design team about the design details, the trends, and all the great aspects of the clothes that make them super special. All of this training enables us stylists to not just put together an outfit for our customers, but deliver it with quality!

I’m already starting to pull looks together!

Not only is Scoop a time to refreshen our styling, get a company update and see the new line, it’s the time to connect with my fellow cabi sisters. In the time I’ve been a cabi stylist, I’ve developed some great relationships with women all over the world. We’ve now expanded to Canada and the UK and I am super excited about the possibilities for women to be involved in this new way to work and new way to shop that cabi has created.

Time for me to get to work!! I am ready to serve you this season in a number of ways:

  1. Home Shopping Fashion Experience
  2. Personal Styling Appointments
  3. Closet Audits
  4. Wardrobe Consulting
  5. Online Store: quinessasolomon.cabionline.com

Talk to & See you Soon!

xoxo, Q

Nashville Here I Come

I’m counting down to cabi Scoop in Nashville this weekend . If you don’t know what Scoop is, check out this post. I have 1 full day, just 1 day to get myself together! Here’s what’s left to do:

Beauty-Hair & Eyes | Packing đŸ˜©đŸ˜©đŸ˜©

I like to be strategic with packing. Ladies, we can get crazy and go overboard and seriously, I don’t have time for that. I’m pregnant and my options are limited so I’m bringing what I need (and just a little bit extra lol):

  1. A comfy travel fit- we’re taking a road trip
  2. Something to change into upon arrival
  3. First day conference look- lots of walking so cute yet comfortable is key
  4. Change for dinner- downtown Nashville 
  5. Conference Day 2 look-same criteria as #3
  6. A comfy travel fit- back on the road home

OK…6 outfits (+1 or 2) for 3 days. Geez I won’t be at home so I’ll need something to sleep in.  And jewelry and shoes. Oh man… Let me get it together guys! 

Who’s in Nashville? What do I need to bring? What should I keep at home? Packing tips? Road trip advice? I’d love to hear from you!

Countdown to Scoop – Cabi Fall 2017

As a cabi stylist, Scoop is something I look forward to twice a year. It’s the time where all 3000+ stylists gather from all around the world to accomplish several things:

  • We reflect on our past cabi season
  • We hear about what’s going on in cabi land, business wise
  • We connect with one another- those we know, those we interact with on social media, and those we don’t know yet!
  • We get renewed and refreshed for our upcoming season through intense training workshops
  • Best of all-we get an up close and personal look at the upcoming season with a state of the art FASHION SHOW!!!

So there’s 6 days until I hit the road for this season’s Scoop which is in Nashville, Tennessee. So much to do before I go. Here’s my top 3 things to do:

  1. Beauty-Hair & Nails
  2. Pack-This will be my first time traveling pregnant, so I’ll need to make sure I have comfy gear…especially shoes!
  3. Get things set at home- Daddy + Daughter (Big K+ Little K) will be without me; gotta make sure they have food!

I’m getting amped thinking about the new collection (can’t wait to see the new shoes)! It’s great being with a crowd of like-minded fashionable business women that want to see you succeed and I love hearing how cabi is defying the odds in the retail world and changing the way women work and shop!

Here’s a sneak peek video at the Fall collection :

and a few sneak peeks of the new clothes

I. AM. PUMPED!!! I’ll check back in with you on my countdown! 6 days to go!

And here’s a flash back to the last Scoop in San Diego in January as we prepared for the Spring collection…


I’ve been asked several times how to style African  or Ankara print clothing. Such a beautiful, detailed print, I’d advise to keep everything else simple. Printed bottom, plain top and vice versa. Here are a few ideas to get you started and a compilation of some websites to get these beautiful printed pieces. And if you’re on Pinterest, you have to check out this African Print Dresses Board. Enjoy! Love, Q

african collage african looks

Ohema Ohene





Demestiks New York

DemestiksNewYork on Etsy_001

DPiper Twins



I can’t wait for the weather to let up so I’m thinking warm thoughts. I’m ready to get into my skirts and dresses. I’m day dreaming dresses! I’m seeing skirts! They are both the epitome of femininity and class (when worn correctly). Even a simple maxi dress can be classy. When choosing a dress or skirt, I prefer those that hit a bit above the knee or longer (unless its a party night, then I’m definitely going short). I’ve put together a few looks to use as inspiration to get you excited about the warm weather. Love, Q